2. Münchner Festival für unangepasste Kunst

Start: Mai 2016

Photo: ADLER A.F., TRASH PEOPLE, 2007, watercolor, tusche, on paper 100 x 300



Second Munich Festival for Nonadjust Art

Beginning May 2016



The team of curators, ADLER.A.F. and Jessica Petraccaro-Goertsches (JPG) introduce non-conformist,

esthetically unestablished and unconventional painting, sculpture, photography, video art, performance, and music.

Start : May 6 to 8, 2016 , in the “ Galerie LUXESE between luxury and asceticism“ in Munich, Berg am Laim, 

Burggrafenstrasse 5, directly behind the Ostbahnhof.


Vernissage: Friday, May 6.- 8 P.M., open Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 6 P.M.



Second Munich Festival for Nonadjust Art:

democracy, power, participation

Homepage Veranstalerfoto
ADLER A.F.und JPG. Foto Agrawal 2016


„art can not only decorate, it can change the world“. Convinced of this, ADLER A.F.,the initiator of the festival relates“…in times like these – not made for the fearful !“ to the First Munich Festival of Nonadjust Art in 2014 which ADLER A.F. and her team dedicated to 

such brave unconventional artists like Meret Oppenheim, Louise Bourgeoise, Louise Nevelson and Hannah Höch.

The Second Munich Festival for Nonadjust Art will also provide a platform for artists of the local, national, and international scene

that have assigned themselves to non-conformist art and who have a profound educational background.  Art happenings are planned at three completely different locations – they will focus on such highly charged sociaal topics as democracy, power, and participation and define these by their choice of spaces.

Locations are an offspace gallery in Munich, Berg am Laim, a huge pedestrian throughway tunnel near the Nymphenburg Palace and the XXXL hall MUCCA in the Kreativ-Quartier directly opposite a refugee lodging.

The curating team JPG Jessica Petraccaro-Goertsches/art historian and Trash Art artist ADLER A.F., the enfant terrible of the Munich art scene, introduce political and socially critical creativity in all it´s facets, genre – and generation spanning in their cultural diversity : video and object art, painting, collages, assemblages, performances, installation, improvisational theater, installational readings and prosaic delicacies from a book by a Dresden author, gangstarap, musical experiments, spontaneous intervention and cabaretistic word play.

Whatever ´s unconventional, neither agreeable nor obliging, will be shown, works from recycable, uncommon materials, ugly, shrill, all that overturns our viewing concepts, all that´s exceptional, with a slant, art from garbage, DADA literature, and FLUXUS theater.

The partaking artists wish to provoke while keeping their ground, opposing nationalistic tendencies that redicule human values. In earnest, yet with a sensew of humor, ADLER A.F., as a humanist and democrat, is convinced that whoever sleeps in a democracy, wakes up under a dictatorship.

Therefore people ! VOTE !

AfD & Co are a NOGO !  Today it´s refugees whose houses burn, tomorrow the houses of Muslims ?, Jews ? or artists…and the day after tomorrow ?… Who, by the way, is ´the people ´?  Who owns the city ?

Answars to these Questions are sought by the works and political engagement of those taking part in the Second  Munich Festival of

Nonadjust Art.  Because when boundless creative action is made possible, visitors of the art happening will at best be stimulated to think anew and be freshly convinced that for democracy and freedom mor than enough democrats are needed.