MINIMAN is living in Berlin. He first studied philosophy (Prof. Höffe, Prof. Figal) and art history in Tübingen. He then studied with Prof. Diedrich Diederichsen and graduated with a Diploma from the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart and a Master of Arts from the University of Portsmouth 2005.
He is a multi-passionate artist working with photography, video, music and acting. He creates rap music since 2004. He took acting lessons in the Meisner technique (Mike Bernardin) and the Stella Adler technique (Ron Burrus) and played in TV-series and movie productions in Berlin since 2009. His focus is on Polaroid photography now, which he is doing since 2000.
“In search for the truth and what’s real I scratch the surface and find out there is “nothing” behind it.
Now I want to peel the skin off reality – exhibit the matrix –  to show that the sensible outside world is only an illusion.
The universe has beauty in abundance and consciousness to witness it. If my art is trying to say anything, then it is showing you and reminding you of that!”
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